The following was inspired by a set of writing prompts that I found by scanning a QR code on a public fixture in CPH. The prompts serve as chapter headings, but the text is meant to be read as a single piece.

What makes you feel at home?

I grew up in California. I remember watching Madeleine on VCR, watching twelve little girls in two straight lines, singing about home. Home is not about large, home is not about small, home isn’t the color of paint on the wall.

Home is where the heart is.

Where is my heart? I came to Copenhagen two years ago…

I’m telling the story from my perspective, though I did take interviews of some of the good men and women who worked on this project. That said, enjoy!

Screenshot of VSCO’s Grid

“The standard of Mobile Photography, the premier way to shoot, edit and share photos”

Note: I did this as a project while applying for jobs a few months ago

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) is an tool that I use to edit my photos before I put them up on Instagram, since I like their filters and the control that they offer better than Instagram’s often saturated and unsubtle filters. VSCO is actually much more than that, including extremely difficult for a new user to learn. …

I put together this article as an assignment for a company I was looking to join. They wanted me to design an app that would allow a user to book a table at a restaurant and pre-order food in a convenient and quick way. I decided to keep user research, persona creation, and finding different ways to approach the problem at the fore, while giving the final product lesser importance.

Getting Started

Some constraints:

  1. The app is intended for an Indian audience, mostly the urban Bangalore audience, since I didn’t want to involve too many different kinds of dining culture in the…

Some of my best music finds have been on casual recommendation from others, but I find myself losing tracks that are solid gold amongst reams of Facebook or WhatsApp conversations.

Therefore, Nocturne. It lets you:

  1. Keep all your favourite tracks from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify that you’ve posted to social networking platforms in one place.
  2. Share tracks easily with friends, and shows you if you’ve recommended a track to someone, either within the app, or on WhatsApp or Messenger, so you don’t send them the same track twice.
  3. Build a musical identity and keep updated on what your friends are listening…

For my first foray into app design, I wanted to try something simple and functional that I’d want to use regularly. Design is one of those things that makes me forget to perform basic bodily functions (which this article tells me will help me find purpose in life) so an app that reminded me to drink water seemed like a good start.

Over the course of this project I learnt how to use Pixate Studio and Marvel App, both excellent prototyping tools that I would recommend to anyone looking to showcase their ideas in a beautiful way.


I first looked…

Gaana Srinivas

Studies at CIID IDP 2019 | Designs at Rune, YC W19 | Formerly @Amazon, @FreshMenuIndia, @LittleBlackBook

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